10 tips to create a cheeseboard

We believe that the cheese course at any meal should be a continuation of the flavours enjoyed in your main course. It's all too easy to take the easy option and buy a few well-known slices of cheese from the cheese ai [...]

Seasonal Cheese

One of the issues a small independent food shop faces is the way in which customers have lost a sense of what is seasonal when. It's easy to blame the supermarkets for this, but they will say that they are reacting to [...]


SPRING IS COMING With the morning's getting lighter and the evenings getting shorter, our hearts and minds start looking forward to the first signs of spring. EASTER Given up something for Lent? Fear not it's not l [...]

Norfolk Tartiflette

If you've ever been skiing in the Savoieregion of France it is highly likely that you have sampled one of the dishes of the region Tartiflette. This is the epitome of comfort food? Very tasty and yet incredibly ea [...]

Norfolk Cheese Platter

Norfolk is blessed with a number of truly wonderful cheeses and we stock most of them. This is the ideal platter if you would like a taste of Norfolk with your picnic. Norfolk Mardler - a semi hard goats cheese. Copys C [...]

Snowdonia Cheese Platter

We don't know how they do it, but The Snowdonia Cheese Company makes really tasty cheese. This platter is for all fans of their cheese and includes Black Bomber - mature cheddar. Red Storm - Red Leicester with Oo [...]

British Cheese Platter

Celebrating some of the best of British cheeses, this platter includes100g(approx) of the following cheeses. Cave AgedWookeyHole Cheddar. Thomas Hoe Stevenson Aged RedLeicester ColstonBasset Stilton (Internationa [...]

Continental Cheese Platter

Celebrating some of the best continental cheeses, this platter includes100g(approx) of the following cheeses. Brie de Meaux (the best Brie available) Manchego - a wonderful Spanish sheep milk cheese. Montagnolo Affi [...]

Mrs Temples Cheese

Mrs Temples Cheese. Farmhouse cheeses, hand made from their own cows. Fully traceable from grass meadows to you. There are a wide range of flavours and textures for your cheeseboard and cooking, including soft veined Binham B [...]