When we opened it was our mission to support and stock as much produce that is grown, roasted, blended. preserved, fermented and distilled here in Norfolk as is possible. The result, is that we stock produce from over 30 small Norfolk businesses. Many of whom you may be familiar with from visiting farmers markets across the county.

In the latter half of 2016, we launched a campaign which we called "Every product has a story" #EPHAS. This was in response to the growth of fake farm marketing employed by some large supermarkets. Behind the products, we sell you'll find local people producing great food.

Starting on 25th February 2017  we are launching Showcase Saturdays. It's the perfect opportunity to not only meet our producers but to taste & buy their produce too!

Showcase Saturdays will take place on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. We've had an excellent response from our producers, they are as keen to meet you as we're sure you are to meet them.

During the course of the year, we will showcase many producers and products we stock. We will also showcase producers and products we don't yet stock. 

We will update this page with details on who will be attending when. So why not bookmark this page, come visit us and help us support local produce.





25th Feb 2017 Candi's Chutney Possibly some of the best chutneys you'll find in Norfolk. Alongside her core chutneys which are available throughout the year you'll also discover at least one or more seasonal chutneys which reflect the passing seasons. We are delighted that Candi has agreed to join us and that she has committed to joining us quarterly giving you a chance to try her seasonal wonders!
25th Feb 2017 Fox & Hounds Brewery

Probably the most local brewery we could find. We're going to start stocking their ales and wanted to give our customers the first opportunity to sample and buy some.

25th Feb 2017 Ferndale Dairies

If you've ever visited the shop you'll know that we always stock something in the region of 60 - 70 cheeses. Ferndale dairies is a local Norfolk Dairy and one of our favourites. Their cheeses include dapple, Smoked Dapple, and Tawny. Be sure to come and visit them.

25th Feb 2017 Pugg'Eng Kate Lyons knows how to make puddings! Her range of puddings include Golden Syrup, Spotted Dick, Sticky Toffee puddings. All made here in Norfolk! Guaranteed to give you a big smile.


11th March 2017 Seasons Bounty

With her wonderful range of homemade Jams and marmalades Ali made using (wherever possible) local fruits her award-winning products have been a favourite in our shop for a while. Ali was 2016 World Marmalade making champion.Looking for a few tips? who knows maybe she'll share a few of her secrets.

11th March 2017 The Tiny Tipple Co

Two busy Mum's started The Tiny Tipple Co in 2016 and we're delighted that they will be attending our event.  Flavours of their alcoholic tipples follow the seasons and include Sloe Gin, Damson Gin, Elderflower Gin, Gooseberry Vodka, Raspberry vodka, Rosehip Vodka, Medlar Brandy, Rhubarb and ginger gin plus much more.

11th March 2017

Wildknight Vodka

We are delighted to say that Wildknight Vodka will be joining us. Not only is this a Norfolk producer, but its also one of the smoothest vodka you've ever tasted. Come try, come & buy! Wildknight will also be launching something new!!

North Norfolk Marmalade Making Awards We're delighted to announce that we will be holding the very first North Norfolk Marmalade Making awards #NNMMA. Open to local amateur jam/marmalade makers.For further information click here
25th March 2017 Eastgate Larder
Eastgate Larder produce medlar jelly and fruit cheese. The jelly is delicious served with game and other meats, hot or cold. A spoonful enriches sauces and may also be served as a condiment. It’s lovely with soft cheeses. Take this opportunity to taste this lovely local product.
25th March 2017 Panther Brewery

While stocks last we will be selling Panther Brewery for £1 only! This will be at least £1.50 less than anywhere else.

25th March 2017 Garden Preserves

We are delighted to welcome Norfolk Garden preserves. There will be a wonderful selection of jams and chutneys to taste and buy. Remember it's mother day the following day 



8th April 2017 Scrubby Oak Fine Foods
All our products are created using our Own Original Recipes and Traditional Production Methods just as they were when we made them for home use. Through the careful selection of the Best Whole Natural Ingredients from Trusted Growers, Suppliers and Wild Varieties of Fruit Farmed by us. We have developed a Range of English Vinegars, Chutneys and Preserves that are Distinctly Different to others on the Market Today.
8th April 2017 Yare Valley Oils

The Mack family settled in Norfolk during the early 1900's. They have farmed the land ever since. They grow, press and bottle their oil on their farm in Norfolk. Sourcing local ingredients they have developed a range of dressings which are just as you would make at home - nothing artificial added

8th April 2017 Krusty Loaf There is a high chance that you may know their products, but do you know what they can offer? Where would we be with real artisan local bakers. Making real bread, if you're still seeking a loaf of bread that actually tastes of something then don't miss out on this opportunity to meet the guys from Krusty Loaf.
8th April 2017 St Elvan Mead We are delighted to say that John Costin is joining us with what we believe will be a taste revelation to many. Real cask aged 14 year old norfolk Mead. Made from honey, water and yeast. It is a strong (17% abv), sherry like product enjoyed pre or post dinner. Not only that but John will be bringing with him. John has also started brewing honey cider, which is a light refreshing 6% abv session type drink. It is fizzy, sweet, tarte and alcoholic all at the same time. The apples used to make the cider come from Sandringham Estate orchards
22nd April 2017 Norfolk Brewhouse
We are delighted to say that we will be welcoming the home of Moongazer Ales to our shop. Always available in the shop throughout the year, but if you've never met this hard working team of enthusiastic ale makers this is your chance to meet them, sample their produce and take some home with you.
22nd April 2017 Big Skies Food Co With a focus on flavour, and quality ingredients (like our local British Sugar) our Nut Brittle became a firm sweet treat with both Gluten Free and regular customers. It was an instant hit at a 'meet the buyer' event and since 2014 we have been supplying some of the leading Venues, Food Halls and Delis across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex & Cambridgeshire with our Gluten Free food.
22nd April 2017 Norfolk Coffee Co

With a passion for good coffee The Norfolk Coffee Co opened their micro roastery in Holt in 2016. The aim was to control the quality of the beans. Sourcing the best beans possible from an importer who is actually called a coffee hunter, the beans are roasted by hand (and nose) not by computer, which means that no two batches will be exactly the same. 

22nd April 2017 Olland Farm Foods All their products are handmade by Kim and Mary Ann in their kitchen in Happisburgh on the north Norfolk coast. Their jams, marmalades, jellies and chutneys are all made from locally sourced fruit where possible. This is a real example of a home based industry as they not only make the produce, they label, package and market it all themselves


13th May 2017 Boudicca Brewing Co

An independent Norfolk brewery, set up in 2015 to brew great beer in Norfolk using the finest ingredients. One of our watchwords is inclusivity and to this end, all our beers will be suitable for vegans and vegetarians as we will not use isinglass finings or any other animal products in our beers

13th May 2017 Bon Bakery

Many of our customers will know Bon Bakery and their wonderful bruschetta crackers, biscotti and their boncotti. Perfect with cheese, perfect with coffee and their gluten free options perfect for those who need to follow a free from lifestyle. They have now introduced a range of cous cous ready mix packs.

This is the ideal opportunity to taste, and buy the latest from The Bon Bakery

13th May 2017 Nuoi Foods

Sophie & Lauren Chittock are the founders of Nuoi Foods.Twin sisters working from our Norfolk kitchen to bring the world the tastiest, all-natural nut butters, packed with all the goodness of nature. Wanting to inspire the world to live a healthy, active and happy lifestyle, starting with all natural foods that taste great. That’s why Nuoi Foods products use simple ingredients with no refined sugar or palm oil

13th May 2017 Norwich Gin Co

Norwich Gin will be joining us not only with their award-winning Norwich dry gin, but you'll also have a chance to taste and buy their new Strawberry & Pepper gin. Sounds yummy

27th May 2017 Giffords Hall Vineyard

It's the start of English Wine Week so we are delighted to be hosting a visit from one of Suffolk's best vineyards. If you've never tasted English wine then here is your chance. take this opportunity to taste some great wines.

27th May 2017 Wildcraft Bewery

WILDCRAFT BREWERY has been born out of a love of great ales and a desire to experiment with flavoursWild Craft makes drinks that are unique in an industry where ‘the norm’ has been accepted for too long. What makes us wild? Our outlook; We are wild about foraged ingredients and will grow most of the rest, giving back to the land through our by-products, eco-friendly approach and natural reed bed technology. Most of our drinks use natural ingredients that can be found in the growing on the wild in the UK and if not can certainly be found in your local allotment!

27th May 2017 Essence Foods

A few years ago Essence foods were the recipients of a prize from Kettle crisps which included mentoring from the very successful crisps company based in Norwich. The success is evident in the way that Essence is expanding whilst offering a range of truly wonderful flavoured jam, preserves, marmalades, and chutneys. the recent merger between Jubberwacky and Essence has resulted in an expansion of Essence jams and preserves and a relabelling of Jubberwacky chutneys and mustards which now comes under the Monty's brand name. Not one of miss and definitely one of our favourites.


10th June 2017 Norfolk Charcuterie

Did you know that less than 20 miles away along the coast is the home of Norfolk Charcuterie? We are particularly pleased to welcome them to our shop. Giving Showcase Saturday a feel of a French Farmers market, but with the added advantage that it is all locally produced.

10th June 2017 Humpty Dumpty Brewery

Well-established multi-award winning microbrewery in the heart of the Norfolk Broads delivering cask and bottled real ales to pubs and other outlets across East Anglia.

10th June 2017 Nortons Dairy We are delighted to announce that yet another of Norfolk's Major Award winners will be joining us. St Swithins Cheese with lavender has just won the "Best British flavour added Cheese" in the 2017 British Cheese Awards. Never tasted it? here's your chance.
10th June 2017    
24th June 2017 Ferndale Dairies

They are back! having attended our first Showcase Saturday Ferndale will be delighting you all with a variety of their wonderful cheeses. Come and taste some Norfolk Dapple or some of their delightful Norfolk Tawny.

24th June 2017  The Tiny Tipple Co

When the girls from The Tiny Tipple Co heard there was availability for our Carnival weekend Showcase Saturday they jumped at the opportunity to come back for a second time. Their Gins and Vodkas were very popular when they visited us in March. Come and see what new flavour they have. Just right for the start of Wimbledon.  

24th June 2017 Eastgate Larder

Eastgate Larder produce medlar jelly and fruit cheese. The jelly is delicious served with game and other meats, hot or cold. A spoonful enriches sauces and may also be served as a condiment. It’s lovely with soft cheeses. Take this opportunity to taste this lovely local product.

24th June 2017 Candi's Chutney

Candida Robertson attended our first Showcase Saturday and enjoyed it so much she's coming back! If you've never tasted her great chutneys here is your chance to taste some of the best chutneys in Norfolk


8th July 2017 Crush Foods

Crush Foods began its life in 2010 with the vision to produce a single variety, premium rapeseed oil. The dream was to produce an oil that offered the public a healthier lifestyle choice alongside a range of delicious products including oils, dressings, and granola. Fast forward to present day and we are now one of the largest local providers within East Anglia

8th July 2017 St Elvan Mead  
8th July 2017    
8th July 2017    
29th July 2017 Fen Farm Dairy

We are delighted to welcome Fen Farm from just across the border in Bungay. The only dairy in England making a raw milk cheese in the Brie de Meaux style. With tasters available, you're going to want to put this date in your diary.

29th July 2017  


29th July 2017


29th July 2017    


12th August 2017 Nuoi Foods

The girls are back. Come & try their range of nut butters. Suitable for vegans (not suitable for anybody with a nut allergy) :)

12th August 2017 Seasons Bounty  





Eastgate Larder produce medlar jelly and fruit cheese. The jelly is delicious served with game and other meats, hot or cold. A spoonful enriches sauces and may also be served as a condiment. It’s lovely with soft cheeses. Take this opportunity to taste this lovely local product.