Soft Ripened Cheeses

Soft-ripened cheeses begin firm and rather chalky in texture, but are aged from the exterior inwards by exposing them to mold. The mold may be a velvety bloom of Penicillium candida or P. camemberti that forms a flexible white crust and contributes to the smooth, runny, or gooey textures and more intense flavors of these aged cheeses. Brie and Camembert, the most famous of these cheeses, are made by allowing white mold to grow on the outside of a soft cheese for a few days or weeks. Goat's milk cheeses are often treated in a similar manner, sometimes with white molds (Chèvre-Boîte) and sometimes with blue.

Copys Cloud

About Mrs Temples is the trading name for Catherine Temple of Copy's Green Farm atWighton, N more

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Norfolk White Lady

About Norfolk White lady is made by Jane Murray at Willow Farm in Deopham near Wymondham. Hand-m more

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Wensum White

About Fielding Cottage is an award-winning small business based on a farm in the heart of Norfol more


The Norton family have farmed the 400 acre land at Church Farm, Frettenham, Their cow herd is smal more

Baron Bigod

About A creamy, white bloomy-rind cheese handmade on the farm by Jonny and the team, from their more

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Lord London

About Arthur Alsop and Nick Walker launched Alsop & Walker 4 years ago in East Sussex. Since more

Brie De Meux

About Brie de Meaux, named after the town of Meaux, is a French cheese produced in the region of more

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Delice De Bourgogne

About Delice de Bourgogne is a French classic triple crème cheese made by Fromagerie Linc more

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About Morbier is a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese named after the small village of Morbier in more

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Selle Sur Cher

About Selles-sur-Cher originates from Sologne in Central France. It was made for the first time more

Truffle Brie

The Cheese This Truffle Cheese is well placed as a starter at a dinner party, a romantic meal fo more

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St Jude Cheese

A small soft cheese with a rich buttery, savoury flavour. The texture is luxuriously light, fluffy more