The Norfolk Deli Cheeseboard Hamper


Preparing a good cheeseboard is all about balance. Firstly it must look attractive, secondly combine soft, hard and blue cheese on the board as well. Include cheeses made from different types of milk (Cow, sheep & goat) to add flavour and variety. Creating the perfect cheeseboard is also about pairing up your cheeses with the right accompaniments to enhance your cheese eating experience to a different level. Visit our Online Farmers Market where you'll find a wonderful range of Norfolk accompaniments which will perfectly complement each cheeseboard.

Download our "Top Tips for creating a cheeseboard" Click Here

As a business we are trying our best to do our bit to reduce waste. This is why we now delivery our cheese selections in boxes and not hampers wrapped in celophane and ribbons etc. Instead we hand cut and individually wrap each cheese and attach a label to help with cheese identifcation. We also include a leaflet describing how best to care for your cheese as well as tasting notes.

Temple's Delights

Temple's Delights - Cheese Box If you've visited Norfolk you're likely to have taste more

East Coast Blues

East Coast Blues - Cheese Box £48.00 Binham Blue - (cow) Deopham Blewe - (ewe) more

Norfolk Cheese Taster

Norfolk Taster £50.00 Binham Blue- PasteurisedCows milk blue cheese(approximately more

Best of East Anglia Cheese Box

Best of East Anglia - Cheese Box £65.00 Norfolk Dapple - (cow) approx 200g more

South West Delights

SOUTH WEST DELIGHTS - Cheese Box £65.00 CORNISH GOUDA - (cow) 200g. CORNISH KE more

Best of British

Best of British - Cheese Box £75.00 Colston Bassett Blue Stilton - (cow) approx more

Norfolk Taste Deluxe

Norfolk Taste Deluxe - Cheese Box £80.00 Gurney Gold (cow) – Approximately 2 more