Proudly Norfolk

The “Proudly Norfolk Food & Drink” labeling scheme has been set up as an initiative by Norfolk Food & Drink for Norfolk producers and retailers in the food and drink industry to acknowledge their passion and integrity of the product they are producing. The idea is to give credence to Norfolk produce when it is displayed on the shop shelves so that they stand out from the crowd of other products which have been mass produced. For the consumer, it will be a sign that you can trust the product you are buying as it has been lovingly made by hand in Norfolk.

The Norfolk Deli is only the second retailer in Norfolk to have been awarded the Proudly Norfolk accreditation. "It is a testament to the commitment we make to Norfolk producers and their products," said Rosie Kacary (Director). Since opening in January 2014 The Norfolk Deli has gained a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best locations in North/West Norfolk to visit if you're seeking a wide range of locally made produce.

"We stock produce from over 40 Norfolk producers, locally made cheese can be ordered online and sent anywhere in the country. Even our popular gift hampers only contain Norfolk produce. This year customers can meet Norfolk producers every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month at one of our Showcase Saturdays". said Mark Kacary Director.

By buying locally made produce, not only are you buying something different and unique to the area, you can be assured that the money spent stays in the local economy. The Norfolk Deli has an alternative approach to listing their suppliers. "We understand why most people create a long list of products stocked, it's easier to do and manage". said, Mark. Anybody looking at the Norfolk Deli website will see that they have taken a different approach. "Behind every Norfolk, Product is a story", said Mark "we feel it's important that our customers understand and appreciate that there are real people making these products with a story that's worth sharing.


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