Normal for Norfolk

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Normal for Norfolk


You're not going to find this range of products elsewhere but for us it's just normal 4 norfolk


From £85.00


The Normal for Norfolk gift hamper for a little of luxury from The Norfolk Deli


  • Garden Pantry - Jams made using produce homegrown & local Norfolk produce.
  • Seasons Bounty - Great Taste award winning jams/marmalades
  • Leighs Bees Honey - Great tasting seasonal honey.
  • Norfolk Cookie Company - Yummy cookies made in Norfolk
  • Candi's Chutney - seasonal chutneys made by the queen of Norfolk Chutneys.
  • Norfolk Cordial - leave us to choose you something suitable for the season
  • Chillies Calore - Great tasting chutneys made from their own chillies.
  • Norwich Mustard - A wonderful range of hand crafted mustards made in Norwich
  • Norfolk Punch - centuries old this non alcoholic drink was made by benedictine monks.
  • Rocketship Chilli sauces - you'll be sent one from a range of sauces each with a depth of flavour which packs a punch
  • Ampersand Brewery - a wonderful innovative craft brewery, The beers change throughout the year, we'll include whatever is brewing at time of purchase.
  • Black Shuck Distillery - Sample one of the Gin's from this Norfolk distillery alongside one of their other offerings.


Choose one of three packaging options. 
Each includes a card where we'll hand write messages

  • Box - Everything is individually wrapped in tissue paper & carefully packed in our eco-friendly presentation box. 
  • Tray - Gift wrapped card tray.
  • Hamper - A gift wrapped wicker hamper.


Whatever the season, whatever the reason Norfolk Deli Hampers make the perfect gift.