Norfolk Cheese Pleeze


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Norfolk Cheese Pleeze

If you’ve visited Norfolk you may have been surprised by the range of cheeses we make in this county. What better way to share an experience we’re sure you would have enjoyed with friends and family by buying them this hamper which offers a wonderful selection of Norfolk cheeses, with a range of pickles, chutneys and a little alcohol. Emjoy the perfect ploughmans in the warmth of your own home.

The Norfolk Cheese Pleeze gift box is a fluted Kraft card and filled with wood wool. We wrap the box in cellophane and complete this with one of our Norfolk deli ribbons. Add a personal message in the comments box we'll include this in the hamper.

Product Description

Inside your Cheese pleeze box you will find the following Norfolk food and drink:

  • Gurney Gold – Approximately 150g
    Gurney Gold is closely related to French cheeses such as Reblochon or the Italian Taleggio, It's a soft cheese suitable for melting or east on crackers. If you love the unmistakable tastes of cheeses which have been washed in alcohol to develop a soft peachy skin such as a Stinking Bishop or an Epoisse then you should really try this
    too yummy Made in Norfolk.
  • Norfolk Dapple- Approximately 150g.
    This is a cheese which is smooth and creamy.
    Cheddar like cheese with a hint of nuttiness in the lingering aftertaste. Mature and full flavoured with a dry and hard texture flavour Made in Norfolk
  • Binham Blue – Approximately 150g.
    The interior is pale yellow, with grey-blue specks. It has a creamy texture and a tasty and luxurious
    flavour which is not overwhelming, but full of character. It is more like Gorgonzola than Stilton Made in Norfolk
  • Norfolk Mardler150g
    A firm texture, and creamy to taste. There is a hint of pleasant
    goatiness although not overpowering. A great balance between sweet and savoury. Perfect to eat with crackers or to cook with. Try it in a spinach tart. Made in Norfolk
  • Norfolk White Lady – Approximately 150G
    Brie like in appearance and taste, however unlike a traditional Brie this is made with ewes milk which makes this tangy and slightly stronger than a traditional Brie. If serving on a cheeseboard remove the cheese from the fridge an hour before serving. It will develop its full texture and flavour. Made in Norfolk
  • Norfolk Tawny - Approximately 150g
    The quintessential taste of north Norfolk has been captured in a new beer-washed cheese. This
    semi-hard cheese provides a wonderful smell of Norfolk Stoatwobbler which creates a slightly salty, Caerphilly style cheese, but with a stronger more pronounced taste. It's a wonderful addition to Norfolk's growing reputation for making wonderful cheeses. This is without doubt one of our favourite cheeses
  • Norton Dairy Soft Cheese with Lavender
    Nortons St Swithins Soft Cheese with Lavender came about from a fortuitous combination of a family legacy of eating Boursin and an excellent local herb supplier, Schyra Foods of Horsford. The cheese won the overall award for the Best Flavour Added cheese at the British Cheese Awards in 2017, and features in the World Cheese Book
  • Ollands Farm Foods Picalilli 190g
    A delicious chunky piccalilli bursting with flavour
  • Scrubby Oak Fine Foods - Ginger Pickled Pears 250g
    Sweet Pickled with a slight crunch in our Ginger Vinegar. A Delightful Accompaniment to Fine cheeses, especially White Stilton, Charcuterie, Thai,  Asian Dishes, and a cooling side dish for Curries
  • Scubby Oak Fine Foods - Heritage Pickled Onions 250g
    An Extra Special Pickled Onion, Crunchy with a Unique Taste. Pickled to an Old Family Recipe using a mix of spices no longer found in Modern Pickling Recipes. A Real Blast from the Past. An Ideal Accompaniment to Cheeses, Cold and Cured Meats
  • Eastgate Larder - Medlar Cheese 65g
    This fruit cheese is a preserve of set medlar fruit puree, which is especially well suited to hard and soft cheeses. Some people enjoy it spread on hot toast.
  • Malt Coast - Craft beer made in Norfolk
    Our American style-IPA is made using our prized Maris Otter malt with Pacific Coast and Slovenian hops to create a bold, deeply satisfying beer
  • Winbirri (Norfolk Red Wine) 70cl
    The award winning Norfolk vineyard offers a great range of red wines which are lighter than a Shiraz but in our opinion a perfect addition to the delicate flavours found in our Norfolk cheeses.

On occasions, the contents may vary from those shown in the picture above. Unlike businesses which only sell online we always have plenty of stock. and will substitute items from the same producer with products of equal or greater value.