Cheese Clique Euro Monthly

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Product Description

Set off on a journey of discovery by joining the Europhile Clique as it showcases cheeses from across Europe.

Each month (first Wednesday)  members will be send a box containing cheeses from a different region or country in Europe. Each box will contain the following:
  • Two cheeses (from the country/region of the month)

  • Crackers which will be picked out to make the most of the cheeses in your box.

  • Tasting notes - details on where the cheese was made, how it was made and what to look out for.

This is a wonderful gift for somebody who loves cheese. The beauty of a Norfolk Deli Clique gift is that it's a gift that just keeps on giving. Choose between one and twelve month subscriptions to the Europhile Clique and join us on our cheese tour as we discover the wonderful diversity of cheeses made across Europe.

A 12 month subscription will allow you  or a friend to sample 24 different cheeses from 12 different countries or regions of Europe Where else can you find a gift like this?

Buying this as a gift? 

  • When buying this gift simply choose the number of months you would like the membership to last. If you would like to include a message please add this in the comments or notes box.
  • We'll send you a Europhile members cards for the recipient of this gift with membership start/expiry date. Please make sure you include their details in the delivery address to ensure we send items to the correct address.