Binham Blue

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Mrs Temples - Binham Blue

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Mrs Temples is the trading name for Catherine Temple of Copy's Green Farm at Wighton, Norfolk. The range of cheeses made span from Gouda types such as Wells Alpine, crumbly hard cheeses such as Walsingham. Copy's Green Farm is a leading player in terms of responsible & sustainable farming. Cheese production is fuelled by energy created on the farm using biomass technology.

The Cheese
Binham Blue is a soft blue-veined cheese made from pasteurised milk from Holstein Friesian & Swiss Brown cows which graze near Wells-Next-The-Sea. Made with a vegetarian rennet, the cheese has a pale yellow interior.

The interior is pale yellow, with grey-blue specks. It has a creamy texture and a tasty and luxurious flavour which is not overwhelming, but full of character. It is more like Gorgonzola than Stilton.


Cheesemaker : Mrs Temples
Region:  Near Wells-Next-The-Sea (Norfolk)
Milk:  Pasteurised Cows Milk