Marmalade Award Winners

The multi-award winning Norfolk Deli’s first North Norfolk Marmalade making awards took place at the end of their Showcase Saturday on 11th March 2017. An open invitation was advertised primarily on social media encouraging people to take advantage of seasonal Seville oranges to try their hand at making marmalade

“It was just one of many ideas I have,” said Mark Kacary (Managing Director). “I already had plans in place to start our Showcase Saturday, where we would introduce Norfolk producers and their products to our customers, but when Ali Barwick (a marmalade making world champion) from Seasons Bounty was booked for the Showcase Saturday on 11th March, I thought why not see if anybody would be interested in entering their marmalade into a Marmalade making event”.

The enthusiasm shown astounded both Mark & Rosie as day after day people popped into the shop with a jar of Marmalade in their hands. There were approximately 20 entries for the first annual awards and at 2pm Ali Barwick & Rosie Kacary (co-owner of the deli), started the judging process.


“What amazed me” said Rosie “was the sheer diversity of the marmalades we had to taste and the creativity of our customers”. Entries included everything from clementine marmalade flavoured with Norfolk Gin to a 5-fruit marmalade. As you would expect there were several classic Seville marmalades too. “the competition was tough and it very hard to pick a winner” said Rosie. But in the end, there was a clear winner. Both Rosie and Ali scored Linda Brady’s Organic Seville Marmalade the winner. “I’m really chuffed!” said Linda when presented with her rosette and certificate. Linda traveled from Kings Lynn to enter the awards and she is already looking forward to entering her 2018 marmalade into next year’s awards. The Norfolk Deli also presented certificates to the following: Maxine Owles from Hunstanton who came second with a classic Seville marmalade. There were joint third place winners, Shona & Matt Waters who’s marmalade “Come to the Dark side” was flavoured with Guinness, while Jean Coley made a Seville marmalade.

The Norfolk Deli would like to thank everybody who entered, these awards. “The standards were exceptionally high” said Ali Barwick of Seasons Bounty “it really helps me appreciate how difficult a job judges have” said Ali.

Contestant Type Comments from Judge - Ali Barwick Comments from Judge - Rosie Kacary
Marion Dyson Dundee Marmalade Peel a little tough. Pleasantly set, could not pick out the whisky Would have liked more whisky flavourRind could cook for a little longer
  Norfolk Gin & Clementine Peel a little tough. Very soft set. Not enough gin. Nice Clementine flavour. A little runny, lovely flavour, very citrusy. More gin please!
John Saunder Seville Marmalade Lovely colour. peel not cooked enough and very curse. Nice set. Good set, good flavour.
Jade Kumquat Marmalade Jar not fill. Very soft. Opaque. Very odd flavour for kumquat. A little messy to look at. Use smaller jar and fill to the top perhaps? very sour
Tania Stowe Seville Marmalade Bright & glossy. Peel not cooked properly. Good flavour. Thick peel - a little bitter. Good consistency. good set.
Maxine Owles Simple Marmalade Clear and bright. Quite a good set. Peel nicely cooked. Good Seville flavour Good set, nicely cut shred running throughout jar. Be careful to fill to the top.
Linda Brady Organic Seville Marmalade Clear bright. Nicely set. Peel well cooked and cut. Good flavour. Lovely marmalade. A lovely marmalade - winner
Teresa Plummer Rhubarb & Orange Marmalade More of a jam than a marmalade. Peel very tough. Pleasant touch of rhubarb. More like a jam than a marmalade perhaps finer cut peel.
Robert Dale Seville Marmalade Texture almost syrupy. Good flavour though. Treacly & toffee
Daisy Seville Marmalade Well cooked and tender peel. The demerara sugar adds depth. Lovely flavour. Beautifully presented. Try hand cutting the peel perhaps
Jane Steward Seville Marmalade Peel a little under cooked. Texture syrupy. Good colour & flavour. Lovely appearance nice fruity flavour. Slightly glutenous
    A bit cloudy yet bright. Good set and consistency. Lovely mix of flavours. Very fruity, good texture
Jean Coley Seville Marmalade Peel slightly tough. texture good otherwise. Good flavour. A little opaque A lovely dark marmalade, with a good flavour.
Alison Witting Seville Marmalade Bright & clear. A syrupy texture. pleasant flavour. Hard peel almost like zest rather than peel
Shona & Matt Waters Come to the Dark Side Peel a little tough. Guinness comes through well. Good Guinness flavour, peel had risen to the top.
Shona & Matt Waters Chunky Marmalade Potted too soon- fruit all at top. Good colourflavour and set. Peel had risen to the top.
Shona & Matt Waters Whiff of Lavender Bright and clear, but fruit on top. Lavender good. Peel slightly tough. Not keen on pieces of lavender although liked the flavour.
Jane Long Seville Marmalade A little cloudy, but good colour, good set.Flavour a little lacking. Good appearance, nicely cut peel.


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