Our home delivery service is not about delivering life's essentials, it's about delivering life's essential luxuries. Deli goodies the ideal way to treat yourself with and to lift the mood. 



Deliveries take place every Friday only!

Orders need to be placed 48 hours ahead of delivery or in other words by 5pm on Wednesday each week. Any orders placed after this time will be scheduled for delivery on the following Friday.

Free delivery is available to the following locations.

Hunstanton, Old Hunstanton, Holme-next-the-Sea, Heacham, Snettisham, Ingoldisthorpe, Sedgeford, Docking, Fring, Thornham, Brancaster, Brancaster Staithe, The Burnhams, Dersingham, Sandringham, Wolferton, Anmer, Sherborne



Total Value


Fen Farm Dairy Bungay Raw Milk Salted Butter £5.50
English Butter English Salted Butter 250g £3.25
English Butter English Unsalted Butter 250g £3.25
Paxfield Free Range Farm Half Dozen free range eggs £1.95
Milk 1 pint Bottles £1
Krusty Loaf Large White Farmhouse (thick slice) 800g £2.95
Krusty loaf Multiseed Sandwich 800g £2.95
Krusty Loaf Wholemeal Tin 800g £2.80
Baked at the Deli Spelt & Beetrot Loaf £3.75
Baked at the Deli Spelt & Sprouted Rye Loaf £3.95
Baked at the Deli Pumpkin & Chia Loaf £3.95
Baked at The Deli Kalamata Olive Bread £3.95
Krusty Loaf speciality Sourdough 500g £3.75
Baked @ the deli Croissants £2
Baked @ the deli Pain au raisin £2
Baked @ the deli Pain au chocolat £2
Baked @ the deli Almond Croissants £2.25
A mixture of season Fruit & Veg Mixed Fruit & Veg Box £12.50
Pork Sausage Roll £2.75
Pork & Chilli Sausage Roll £2.75
Vegan Sausage Roll £2.75
Chicken & Mushroom Slice £2.75
Chicken Curry Slice £2.75
Individual Steak & Kidney Pie £2.95
Individual Chick & Mushroom Pie £2.95
Individual Ham, Leek & Cheese Quiche £2.95
Individual Veggie Quiche £2.95
Crush Foods Raspberry Museli £5.25
Crush Foods Chocolate & hazelnut granola £5.25
Crush Foods Honey apple & cranberry granola £5.25
Crush Foods Maple & Pecan Granola £5.25
Shire foods Jumbo Porridge Oats £1.50
Norfolk Coffee Co - Holt 1549 Blend Coffee Beans 250g £9.50
Norfolk Coffee Co - Holt 1549 Blend Coffee Ground 250g £9.50
Norfolk Tea Breakfast Blend 40 tea bags £5
Marimba White Hot Chocolate Melt 240g £7.95
Marimba Milk Hot Chocolate Melt 240g £7.95
Marimba Dark Hot Chocolate Melt 240g £7.95
Sandringham Apple Juice Apple Juice £3.95
Whitewood dairy St Cera (soft rind washed) small truckle £9.50
Whitewood dairy St Jude (soft young creamy cheese) small truckle £9.50
Fen Farm (Bungay) Baron Bigod (raw cows milk brie) 100g £3.35
Ferndale Farm Dapple (farmhouse cheddar style) 100g £2.95
Ferndale Farm Smoked Dapple 100g £2.95
Ferndale Farm Tawny 100g £3.50
Mrs Temples Binham Blue (cows milk blue) 100g £2.85
Mrs Temples Copys Cloud (cows milk brie) 100g £2.85
Mrs Temples Walsingham (cheddar style cows milk) 100g £3.35
Mrs Temples Wells Alpine 100g £2.95
Mrs Temples Gurneys Gold 9rind washed cows milk) 100g £3.35
Willow Farm White Lady (ewes milk brie) 100g £3
Willow Farm Wissington 100g £3.50
Willow Farm Deopham Blewe (ewes milk blue) 100g £3.30
Fielding Cottage Mardler (semi hard goats) 100g £3.65
Fielding Cottage Wensum White (goats milk brie style) 100g £3.50
Charles Martell Stinking Bishop 100g £4.75
Mature cheddar Barbers 1833 100g £2.85
Charles Martell Dairy Hereford Hop 100g £3.75
British Cheese Northumberland Smoked 100g £3.25
Somerset Ogleshield 100g £2.75
Godminster Dairy Godminster Organic Cheddar 100g £3.25
Skegness Skegness Blue 100g £3.45
Godminster Smoked Organic Cheddar 100g £3.95
Snowdonia Cheese company Black Bomber Cheddar £2.85
Mature cheddar Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar 100g £2.45
Snowdonia Cheese Co Beechwood Smoked Cheddar £2.85
Colston Basset Blue Stilton 100g £3.25
Colston Basset Blue Stilton 100g £2.85
Blue Cheese Blackstick Blue 100g £2.85
Lynher Dairies Cornish Yarg 100g £2.85
Lynher Dairies Cornish Kern 100g £3.25
Suffolk Farmhouse Gornish Gouda100g £2.80
Suffolk Farmhouse Suffolk Blue 100g £2.45
Suffolk Farmhouse Suffolk Gold 100g £2.45
Classic soft French cheese Brie de meaux 100g £2.95
French Soft triple cream cheese Vignotte 100g £2.95
French triple cream cheese (delish) Delice de Bourgogne 100g £2.65
Classic swiss cheese Emmental 100g £3.25
Spanish Ewes milk cheese Manchego 100g £3.45
Gouda Old Amsterdam 100g £2.85
Classic mediaum hard french cheese Comte 100g £3.25
Classic swiss cheese Gruyere 100g £4.25
Cypriot hard cheese Halloumi 250g pack £3.95
Greek ewes milk cheese Feta 200g pack £3.75
Irish Blue Cheese Cashel Blue 100g £2.65
German blue cheese Montagnolo Affine 100g £2.85
Italian Blue Cheese Gorgonzola 100g £2.45
French Blue Ewes Milk Cheese Roquefort100g £3.45
Italian blue Dolcelatte 100g £2.95
Classic Italian cheese Mozzarella di Bufala 250g £3.50
Hard Italian cheese Parmigiano-Reggiano 100g £3.25
Norfolk's Bon Bakery Parmesan & Black Pepper Bruschetta 160g £4.95
Norfolk's Bon Bakery Rosemary & Olive Oil 160g £4.95
Norfolk's Bon Bakery Mediterranean Bruschetta 160g £4.95