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Norfolk Marmalade Awards

It's the height of the Seville Orange season and many of our customers have been buying handfuls of oranges with the intention of converting these into delicious marmalade. So we are delighted to announce that we will be [...]

10 tips to create a cheeseboard

We believe that the cheese course at any meal should be a continuation of the flavours enjoyed in your main course. It's all too easy to take the easy option and buy a few well-known slices of cheese from the cheese ai [...]

Seasonal Cheese

One of the issues a small independent food shop faces is the way in which customers have lost a sense of what is seasonal when. It's easy to blame the supermarkets for this, but they will say that they are reacting to [...]

Deli of the Year Awards

It's that time of year again when Farm Shops & Delis across the country compete for your vote. Whilst it's true most if not all businesses will have entered themselves the public vote is a vital element. Why your v [...]

Marmalade Award Winners

The multi-award winning Norfolk Deli’s first North Norfolk Marmalade making awards took place at the end of their Showcase Saturday on 11thMarch 2017. An open invitation was advertised primarily on social media encouraging [...]

Proudly Norfolk

The “Proudly Norfolk Food & Drink” labeling scheme has been set up as an initiative by Norfolk Food & Drink for Norfolk producers and retailers in the food and drink industry to acknowledge their passion a [...]

Showcase Saturday

In response to supermarket marketing campaigns where fake farms were created implying provenance, we spoke to our suppliers and created a response in the form of our ‘Every product has a story’ #EPHAS campaign.We [...]

Muddy Tries The Norfolk Deli

The Muddy Stilettos website describes itself as 'The urban guide to the countryside' If its cool or fun it will eventually find itself on this ultra chic site, which is why we were so excited to be reviewed by them. [...]

When is a Deli not a deli

When is a Deli not a Deli? We’re not sure when it happened or who it was who started the current trend for restaurants, coffee shops, lifestyle shops and cafes to call themselves delis, but at some point somebody somewhe [...]

When's the best time to visit?

We have been visited by many people and love it when people say... "You've got a wonderful range of produce" or "you have such a lovely shop", but when is the best time to visit us and get the full deli e [...]