The Cafe is currently open as a Takeaway ONLY service. 

We will be maintaining a social distancing policy which we would ask customers to adhere to. Only person at a time will be allowed to stand just inside the door to place and collect their order. 

There will be no seating available.




The Norfolk Deli Cafe is an extension of The Norfolk Deli. Over the years more and more people wanted to eat at The Norfolk Deli, but due to space restrictions this wasn't always possible. This is why we grabbed the opportunity when it came to expand the business and open a cafe three doors away from The Deli.

As a result of this our customers can now experience the great tastes they've loved for years in the Deli, alongside comfortable surroundings a view, and a loo.

For more details on what you can expect to find at the Norfolk Deli Cafe click on one of the images below.