Every Product Has A Story


What do you know about the products you buy? Does knowing who made it, how and why matter to you? Doe aunt Bessie exist? The closest most people get to seeing who's behind the product is when they watch 'Dragons Den'. 

We work hard to find and stock the best that Norfolk has to offer. In doing so we work with some of the finest artisan producers. We learn their stories on how and why they started. We get to know what makes them tick. 

Shop at The Norfolk Deli and you'll discover that "Every Product Has A Story" Visit our shop or shop online. Whether on a shelf or in a hamper, you'll find Norfolk products which will inspire and exhilarate.


Norfolk Gin is handcrafted in Norwich to a special recipe that combines a selection of botanicals. This and the slow gentle way it is made gives Norfolk Gin its irresistible flavour and uniquely delicate green tint. Think fresh juniper aromas spiked with spice, citrus, some sweetness, herbal and floral scents and you're conjuring up the essence of Norfolk Gin. 

Born in 2014 and launched in the summer of 2015

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You can buy Norfolk Gin online and in a number of our hampers. Including our Spirit of Norfolk Hamper


The Norfolk Sloe Company - home to the Black Shuck range of Norfolk spirits inclusind A Norfolk Gin, Sloe Gin, Raspberry, Damson, and Blackcurrant liquers. These are said to protect you from the Black Shuck a ghostly black dog that has roamed the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside for hundreds of years.  

A protector to lone women, or guide to lost travellers, or a bad omen to the observer.  One legend tells how anyone who lays eyes on the black shuck will know the death of a family member within 1 year of the sighting.  You will be pleased to learn that in the event that you meet with the Black Shuck there is an antidote to the bad omen.  A glass of any Black Shuck liqueur will fill you with enough good spirit to counteract any bad spirits. 

What motto do Patrick and Sarah live by? To find out more about the people behind the product click hereBlack Shuck Gin & the Norfolk Sloe Gift box which is included in the Spirit of Norfolk Hamper


Winbirri Vineyard - home of 2016's UK wine of the year. Hand crafted from grapes grown in Norfolk using traditional methods and modern techniques.

Lee Dyer produces these wines with all the love and attention of a true artisan. Obsession creates greatness and this obession started when choosing the right type of grapes suited to the climate in Norfolk, followed by an insistance that to be a great producer of great wines, it would be necessary to build a winery alongside the vineyards so that Lee could control the entire production process. All the grapes are hand picked so as to avoid damaging the grape skins and risking damaging the nectar which flows from them. The pressing process takes 6 hours as the grapes are systematically and slowly pressed. The result is a clear vibrant juice which is then turned into a selection of wines. Find out which film is Lee's favourite (my precious)  To find out more about the person behind the product Click here Winbirri wines feature in a number of Norfolk Deli hampers, including The Norfolk and The Norfolk Decadence. 


Humbleyard English wines are part of the new and exciting English wine movement.  As one of a number of Norfolk vineyards it is an exciting time for the East Anglian region, as there have been notable achievements at national and international competition level.

The slopes of our vineyard fall away to the south, and beyond the crest of the vineyard, framed by a line of ancient oaks, lies the valley where the Humbleyard Hundred, the legislative and taxation court, met on a monthly basis during Anglo-Saxon times.

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Humbleyard wines will be featured in some of our Christmas hampers this year.





The Norfolk Brewhouse is owned and run by Rachel and David Holliday – a couple with a passion for crafting distinctive, high-quality beers.Their  brewery has breathed new life into a redundant old barn, on the family farm, in North Norfolk. Its rural setting – right in the heart of the country’s finest malting barley region – is just the start. The couple use chalk-filtered water from the brewery’s own well and Norfolk’s finest malting barley. 

Even the names of their beers – Moon Gazer Ale and StubbleStag premium lager – were inspired by the wildlife with the stunning sight of wild hares transfixed by the moon.

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Beeston Brewery was founded in 2006 in a renovated farm building overlooking Beeston church and the tranquil valley beyond. A perfect setting to craft fine beers. The water comes from deep in the Norfolk chalk from a private supply and is perfect for brewing real ale. 

Using Maris Otter malting barley, which is grown locally at Branthill Farm on the Holkham Estate. This is without diubt one of the key reasons behind this being such a fine brewery.

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Grain Brewery have been in business for 10 yeares and during that time have won a number of awards for their wonderfully tasty Norfolk ales. Have you ever come across a 'Useless box'? no neither had we. find out what it is by readings Phil's answers in our Every Product Has A Story Click Here



Panther is an award winning microbrewery based in North Norfolk. They traditional brewing techniques to create a range of sleek, modern and full flavour real ales which are available in seven different breeds. Supplier to The Norfolk Deli bottle conditioned. Different in that there is always something new. Some of our favourites include Pink Panther, and Golden Panther, although many of our customers like The Beast from the East.

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Marsh Pig was born out of a personal love of great food and travels abroad followed by the question "Why can't we make this (salami) in the UK?" Marsh Pig uses the very best free range pork from pigs bred in Norfolk. By only using British free range pork leg meat, there is no sinew in the product, making it more pleasant to eat!

Choose from packs of Coppa, fennel, garlic & black pepper, garlic & paprkia, red wine & black pepper or hot & spicy salami, hot chorizo, Bresaola and Lomo. Or if you can't make up your mind, pick up a selection pack. We also stock the red wine & black pepper salami, fennel salami and chorizo as whole salamis, so if you only need a couple of slices, or want a big chunk of chorizo, that's no problem!

Now here's a fact you might be interested to know. Not only does it taste great but when compared to many other continental salami's Marsh Pig is also better for you. Why? Compared to the 45% fat content of many other salamis Marsh Pig Salamis typically have only 18% fat content. Now that's what we call good news. What abilities do Jackie & Sarah wish they had? discover more about the personalities behind this product in our #EPHAS Every product has a Story Click Here Take a look at our Norfolk Chacuterie Hamper to sample the delights of Marsh Pig



Essence Foods was launched in 2005 to produce a range of homemade preserves and chutneys, that really are naturally deliciously different.  In that time they have developed a unique and original range of products, with the emphasis on high fruit and reduced sugar content  and quality ingredients combined with herbs, flowers and spices for interesting and great tasting products.  A constant favourite with our deli customers. What skill Sarah would like to have above and beyond being a great cook?. Discover the personality behind the products with our #EPHAS (Every product has a story) Click here

Essence foods can be found in a number of our hampers this year including The Norfolk Teatime, Norfolk Charcuterie and The Norfolk Sweet


Jubberwacky : - Ali Williams is the person behind this business and she lives in the heart of North Norfolk with her family and chaotic collection of rescued chickens, bees and two shaggy dogs.

Her love of kitchen gardening and cooking inspired her to create a wonderful range of chutneys and jams none of which contain artificial flavour enhancers, bulking agents or preservatives. 

Jubberwacky is a natural choice for The Norfolk Deli as Ali goes to great lengths to source good Norfolk ingredients wherever possible. This has lead to her collaborating and working with Norfolk producers such as Woodfordes Ales, Yare Valley Rape Seed Oil and Colman's Mustard. We love this range of produce and we believe you will too.

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You can find Jubberwacky in a number of our hampers including: The Norfolk Taster, The Norfolk & The Norfolk Indulgence


Seasons Bounty - Ali makes preserves in the traditional way using an open maslin pan. Each batch is very small, to maintain the quality of the product. Most of the fruit used in the jams is picked by Ali from local farms or her own allotment. The majority of all fruits come within an 8 mile radius of Loddon which is where Ali lives and works. Marmalades are all hand cut and it is probably this attention to detail which lead to Ali winning six medals for her marmalades at the world original marmalade awards held in March 2016. She now has a total of four gold, three silver and five bronze medals. Her jams are also award winning with her strawberry and elderflower and her strawberry and lavender winning ‘Great Taste Awards.

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Seasons bounty products are available in a number of hampers including:The Norfolk Taster. & Norfolk Indulgence



Candi's Chutney : is run by Candi Robertson a professional chef for over twenty years, Candi's Chutneys are a very different product. Choose from Spiced Carrot Chutney, Bramley Apple & Norfolk Ale, Norfolk Crier Onion marmalade and the famous Parsnip and Red Chilli Chutney All are great with Norfolk cheeses or cold meats. There's also seasonal chutneys to look out for!.

Candi would like to make a splash, but the question is how and where? Discover more about the person behind the product with #EPHAS (Every product has a story) Click Here

Candi's products are featured in a number of our ready-made hampers including The Norfolk Taster, The Norfolk Hamper, Norfolk Indulgence, Norfolk Decadence, The Spirit of Norfolk


Chillis Galore are Richard & Kathy, who started growing chillis in about 1990 in Spixworth near Norwich in the UK, to obtain some different varieties to use in home cooking, which to start with were mainly Mexican varieties such as Ancho's and Passila's, the hottest variety then was the Red Habanero from the Caribbean. After a few successfull years chilli growing our website was started to share this knowledge, and over the years it has grown in popularity with now huge following worldwide. This led us to developing our own homemade chilli jellies, relishes and sauces in March 2000 which is still done today in our home kitchen, now in Drayton near Norwich.

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Chilli Galore products are found in a number of hampers including The Norfolk Scorcher


Norfolk Heatwave - Glyn was London born of mixed Irish and West Indian parentage, his Father originating from Trinidad & Tobago. When growing up, it became the family custom for Sunday lunch to alternate between a Roast dinner one week, cooked by Mum, and a spicy Caribbean dish the next week, usually a curry, cooked by Dad.
His Dad missed the hot and spicy cuisine of home and used to regularly travel to Brixton Market to buy hot Scotch Bonnet peppers with which he made his own Hot Pepper Sauce in the traditional “Trini” family way, Glyn was introduced to the hot sauce bug at a very young age and developed a passion for it, eventually being taught how to make it by his Dad, as a young man.
What 1969 film is Glyn's favourite? Discover more about the person behind the product with #EPHAS (Every product has a story) Click Here Norfolk Heatwave products are found in a number of hampers including The Norfolk Scorcher Norfolk Adult Treats

Crush foods began its life in 2010 with the vision to produce a single variety, premium rapeseed oil.

The dream was to produce an oil that offered the public a healthier lifestyle choice alongside a range of delicious products including oils, dressings and granola. Fast forward to present day and we are now one of the largest local providers within East Anglia.

All Crush products are produced in Salle, Norfolk under the watchful eye of our whole team! By keeping our product and production local, we can make sure that all of our high standards are met and maintained on a daily basis.

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Crush products are found in a number of hampers including The Norfolk Scorcher, Norfolk Decadence and Norfolk Indulgence


Yare Valley is a cold pressed Rapeseed oil grown in the Yare Valley of Norfolk. Even Delia recommends this one saying; "oil that impressed".

It's an extra virgin oil so is delicate enough for dressings and marinade but also has a high burn point so is great for frying and roasting. You can also use it in cakes, breads and more. It's a more healthy option for everyday cooking

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Yare Valley Oil products are found in a number of hampers including The Norfolk Scorcher, The Norfolk



The Nelson & Norfolk Tea Company has been established to bring you the very best in hand-crafted tea. They have created beautiful tea blends, sourced quality leaf teas and introduced some amazing fruit teas and herbal tisanes. These are created to perfection and are designed to make you feel good, cup after cup.

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Norfolk Tea can be found in a number of our hampers especially if you're ordering one of our speciall foodie hampers when staying in Norfolk. Including The Norfolk English Breakfast, Norfolk Continental, Norfolk Essentials 

Sandringham Apple Juice was formed in 2013 from the ashes of the Royal Fruit farm at Sandringham, Andrew Jarvis had previously worked for the Queen for the last 23 years before taking over the running of Sandringham Apple juice. We are a based in a traditional Norfolk barn on the Sandringham Estate and also look after 30 acres of Apple orchards for Pick your own and Juice requirements. We produce 8 single varieties off Apple Juice from Bramley which is Dry to Egremont Russet which is a sweet and also Sandringham Cider.
We provide Apple Juice for the Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace and Holyrood.
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Sandringham Apple Juice can be found in a number of our hampers especially if you're ordering one of our speciall foodie hampers when staying in Norfolk. Including The Norfolk English Breakfast, Norfolk Continental