We take the safety of our staff and customers extremely seriously and try to achieve what we would consider a gold standard for the industry.  In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic this has never been more important. 

We are constantly working extremely hard behind the scenes to make everything as safe for our staff and customers as possible, so that when you come and visit our shop or sit in our cafe everything will feel as normal as possible.

The management of Covid-19 is all about the management of risk. We have carried out a risk assessment for both the shop and cafe and have put in procedures so that we can monitor the risks associated with running a business like our and make sure that we have the facilities to mitgate against any issues which may come to light.

We would ask our customers to read the following and work to with alongside us to manage risk.



  • Please use the santiser as you enter the shop. Entry may be refused if you do not comply.
  • Please follow the signs clearly marked on the floor, we are operating a one way system, please keep to the left. When using the stairs keep to the left at all times.
  • We are trying to maintain a 2 metre distance between customers and staff, therefore only two customers will be allowed in the shop at any one time. Please do not enter the shop until those inside have exited the premises.
  • Touching cheese is prohibited. There will be a barrier in place allowing you to see but not touch.
  • Customers will be allowed to browse, but are asked if they could avoid touching items.
  • Please come equipped with a suitable debit/credit card as contactless payment will be our preferred method of taking payment for the foreseeable future.
  • The full range of Norfolk Deli sandwiches will be available. We would kindly ask our customers to order in advance online wherever possible.



  • We ask customers wishing to sit inside to ask our front of house if there is seatiing available before entering.
  • Please note we will be providing as much seating as we can outside and would ask customers too use outdoor seating in the first instance wherever and whenever the weather is kind enough to allow this.
  • We have provided touch free hand santisation at the entrance and we'd like to ask all customers to santise their hands before entering.
  • As part of our support for the governments track and trace program we would ask all customers eating in to do one of the following:
    • ​You can either complete our track & trace book where we will require the names and contact details of everyone in your party. This information will be kept for a period of 21 days (as per government instructions) and destroyed when this time has elapsed.
    • Alternatively log into the Cafe WiFi. using your name and email address or your facebook profile. Your contact details will be securely stored and an email will be automatically generated to remind you that 21 days have passed and that you can unsubscribe from our database at which pooint your contact details will be destroyed.
  • Please place your orders at the table and not at the counter.​
  • Customers are asked not to move the furniture to create larger groups. Tables have been placed to maintain the correct level of social distancing. Anybody not complying may be asked to leave.
  • Customers wishing to use the toilet, are asked to observe social distancing at all times.
  • Customers are asked to use the touch free sanitiser before entering the toilet.
  • Customers are asked to wash their hands using the hands free soap dispenser and following the hand-washing guidelines which are on display.
  • Please come equipped with a suitable debit/credit card as for the foreseeable future contactless payment will be our preferred method of payment.


We would like to thank all our customers for their patience and understanding. The measures we have put in place are to protect our staff and our customers. Working together we can hopefully keep this virus under control.